Is Your Lightroom Running Slow?

It would seem that you are not the only one. Anecdotal evidence that Lightroom is sluggish for many photographers has been flying around the internet for quite a while. Indeed personally I feel that it has got slower and slower, despite a reasonably hefty graphics card, an Nvidia 970 and 16GB of Ram. Now it seems Adobe are finally admitting to the problem.

Has your Lightroom been getting increasingly sluggish?

In this blog post by Adobe Photo Product Manager Tom Hogarty suggests that they are responding to photographer’s concerns and attempting to improve performance for various workflow aspects of Lightroom. Import, editing and review workflows are a particular point of focus.  Also Lightroom’s GPU usage is another area where Adobe will attempt to improve performance. Being able to move Lightroom’s performance onto a GPU rather than the CPU was a much vaunted feature. It is also a feature that seems to have fallen a bit flat.

Personally I hope that one of those aspects might be video files as Lightroom would be a great tool to manage video as well as photos. Adobe added the ability to manage if not edit video files a few years ago. However it still feels very much like a part bolted on and not given much love. With the convergence of video and photography, Lightroom could become an all in one media management program fro modern photographers. At the moment, I have to do all my video management in Final Cut Pro which is less than ideal.

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