Adobe Mobile is getting Better and Better

Updates for Lightroom Users on the Go

If you subscribe to Adobe’s Photographer’s package, not only do you get Photoshop and Lightroom but you also Lightroom Mobile. Lightroom Mobile is designed to allow you to edit images on the go through smart devices that run Android or Apple IOS. Adobe have been quite active in supporting and developing this app, often releasing significant updates. This week they have released updates for IOS and Android with slightly different features of both. Lets look at whats been added.


The new Adobe Lightroom Mobile interface on IOS

New Features on IOS

  • Selective Brush allowing you to adjust specific parts of the image. This is pressure sensitive for 3D touch IOS devices.
  • Details Tab gives you options for sharpening and noise reduction.
  • A new user interface for iPad giving a more professional look and making it similar to Lightroom Desktop

Selective brush in Mobile. Hints of the desktop version

New Features on Android

  • New interface designed from the ground up
  • Tighter integration to the Android experience.

With these updates Adobe are signally that they see mobile cloud based editing becoming as important as desktop editing. New technology such as the iPad Pros are more than capable of editing large RAW files.With their beautiful high resolution, colour managed screens and processing power they are truly becoming viable replacements for high end laptops.

Have you tried the new Lightroom Mobile yet. If so what are your impressions?








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